The Senior Years – A Time to Not Overreach

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Don’t overdo it!

When we were children we were constantly told so by our parents and other well-meaning elders

Don’t run too fast …you may fall

Don’t take the steps two at a time …you could slip and fall

Don’t eat so much can lead to an upset tummy

Don’t eat sweets all the time…it will affect your teeth

Don’t drink Coffee…drink Milk. It will make you fair..white as milk. Indeed I had been told this as a child. I  would gulp the glass of milk down and check in the mirror to see if brown-me had turned fair.

Pardon the digression. It was irresistible😅. 

Now there's only a slight difference. Don’t drink coffee or caffeine in any form after 6 pm else you'll have trouble falling asleep! Insomnia troubles 

Well, we have returned to that age again…when we should not overreach.

Nobody is constantly watching over us and telling us this. It’s the time when we have to exercise restraint in our own interest

Don’t Overeat, especially the last meal of the day …the night Dinner. It may cause an upset stomach. It may cause bloating. This can in turn lead to a restless night of poor sleep.

Don’t eat hard food…you may break a tooth. Or a tiny particle may lodge itself in the tiny gaps between your teeth and cause you pain, discomfort, and misery.

And be careful about sweets… Sugar is today almost a dirty word. It can lead to or amplify many unhealthy conditions from obesity to cancer.

And Salt, and Fat. Excess of either can lead to hypertension and poor heart health. Medical experts said that, Not I!

Approximately 60% of the population has HTN by 60 years of age and about 65% of men and 75%of women develop high BP by 70 years.

The odds are against us and so it's major Caution Time!

Don’t walk too fast.

Don’t take the steps two at a time.

Don’t ever run

Don’t enter a wet bathroom

Always and ALWAYS watch the floor or ground, especially in an unfamiliar place. There could be height variations, a slope, a step, or a gradient. 


All the above are 'Senior Fall Factors or Causes'

You could slip or trip. For seniors, it is not just a matter of picking ourselves up. The potential for a muscle pull a sprain or a fracture is greater than for younger people.

If you fall or slip, the consequences go way beyond embarrassment and a bruise or two.

  A broken hip or thigh bone can confine you to bed for at least a few weeks. A fractured rib is painful and heals on its own some time

But Falls can be due to various reasons and there’s a lot more we can and should do to stay safe from them

Don’t wear footwear that has heels over an inch or more. I have slipped off my high heels and suffered toe bone fractures twice…once on each foot. My fifth Metatarsal snapped. My foot was in a cast and I had to hop and not walk. I now wear only flats

High Heeled footwear and more so if not fitted properly, is a major cause for fracture of the metatarsal ie the 5 bones connecting your ankle and 5 toes.

I tear my eyes from any sexy pair of heeled footwear…the risks are too much and I must remain heels-deprived. Don’t want to hop at 63 years!

 Don’t carry that heavy bag, or heavy suitcase by yourself. It is NOT impolite to request a relative, a friend, or even a passerby for help. It is not the time for bravado or to champion independence

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 85,000 people were treated in emergency rooms, doctors' offices, and clinics for injuries related to luggage in 2017. Injuries to the back, neck, and shoulder may be caused by struggling with heavy, over-packed luggage. To avoid injury, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) urges you to use proper judgment when packing, lifting, and carrying luggage.The Academy offers great tips for lifting and carrying luggage

Don’t bend too low…you may pull a muscle

Don’t stand on a stool…any stool. If you must then ensure somebody is around to help you up and down.

Don’t reach up to take something from a height. Take help to take it, Or don’t take it

Don’t strain to clean or wipe anything, anywhere. Nothing too low and nothing too high. Get help. Or leave it unclean. But don’t go that extra few inches if your hand cannot reach those places easily

Bone health is something I did not think about in my younger years. Even in middle age, I didn’t particularly take care of it. I began watching my sugar, salt, and fat intake. Also, I tried to include some moderate physical activity. 

Only now in my senior years, I have become aware of the vital importance of bone health. Mostly due to the friendly advice from doctors, and media articles. 

But it is not all gloom and doomYou can take preemptive action and be on your guard to prevent falls. 

Tips to keep our bones healthy are available from the Mayo Clinic. 

Now we have to work on them…. pronto!

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