Confessions of a Senior Gym Exerciser-Taking That Nervous Anxious First Step Is Important

A Senior Man and Woman jogging and smiling
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I have just returned from my first session at the gym.

 Three years into my retirement I eased into a relaxed life.

A little bit of cooking, some cleaning, lots of reading, and quite a lot of TV & movies. Some writing and going out on occasion. That summed up my post-retirement routine

 The kilos kept adding on and soon I was at my heaviest ever.

 I started walking indoors.

 I have to confess that with age came an enhanced fear of walking outside, on the streets.

 I had fallen on two occasions, one when I was in my early sixties and the other a few months later. The latter was an embarrassing one, in front of many people!  Worse, due to the impact of the fall, my pants tore at the kneecap. .. Ugh.

 My gym was located 3 streets away from my home.

 They were crowded streets. Milling with pedestrians and roadside vendors. Add to that speeding, motorbikes and scooters, cars, huge buses, small motored rickshaws and the occasional stray dog

 The gym was too close to take a cab or even a rickshaw.

 And I don't drive. So walk I must 

 After I bought the Annual Membership plan, the next step was to find the right attire. Track pants and loose T-shirts

 After trying out the tracks and T-shirts that I had at home I was aghast and depressed!

None of the tracks or the T-shirts I had bought 4 years ago were suitable. Too tight in all the wrong places!

 I was two sizes bigger I realized, in the Trial Room, where I was shopping for new ones.

Hmmm. depressing but all the more reason to go ahead with my plan to enroll at the gym.

That first step ….it has to be taken

 Hesitant and nervous I left home at about quarter to eight for my first 8 am gym session.

Never good with directions, despite the help from Google Maps I lost my way. Taking help from a passer-by I managed to reach the gym at 8.08 am.

 After the preliminary introductions, it was on to the workout for the day.

 “Warm-up exercises followed by 15 minutes on the stationary cycle and 15 minutes on the treadmill,” said my instructor.

 “Let's go”- he said with enthusiasm

 The warm up itself tired me out and I was glad to sit on the exercise cycle.

 "In about 10 to 15 days we'll move to floor exercises and weights," said the instructor with a confidence I didn’t share.

I wondered what he would say if I told him that I could not get down by myself onto the floor. And if I go on to say that even if I manage to plonk down clumsily, I may not be able to get up unaided!! 

Lifting Weights is another sorry story. I cannot move a bucket of water even a few feet in my bathroom.

Seeing my uncertain look he said with reassuringly –“We’ll move only at the pace that suits you.”

There…it was not so bad. The gym instructor was so understanding

I looked around the gym and was more than pleased to note there were quite a few grey-haired, pot-bellied men and women. My senior peers working out with determination writ on their faces

It was not so bad after all. As the session progressed, I said hello to a few of my peers.

 I felt good that I had taken that first step to exercising at the gym at 63!


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