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Welcome Dear Fellow Seniors

Hello😊! AI Generated Image of a Happy Senior This blog is by a 60-plusser, by a Senior Citizen if you please. The world doesn’t let you forget your 60 th Birthday. Friends wish you Happy Birthday with exaggerated gusto for a landmark 60 th birthday!   Your family wants to celebrate your 60 th Birthday, even commemorate it with special Prayers to seek a longer life for you. The office had decided at the point of time you joined them, that they will see the last of you once you turn sixty! Hence as D-Day draws near, the Accounts Department will be calculating your Retirement Benefits, and making out cheques in your name. The Human Resources Department sets about organizing your Farewell Party on one hand, and deleting your name from the Employees Roster on the other! Chugging along oblivious of watershed day is the best response when you become a Senior Citizen! Why? I and many of my contemporaries feel no different at 60 than maybe how we felt at 55 and or even 50