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Who is called a Senior Citizen in India?

                                                                                Picture generated by The term ‘Senior Citizen’ is widely used today both in India and internationally. Senior Citizen is often used interchangeably with Senior. However less than 25 years ago when the Government of India came out with a policy for older citizens in 1999, it was termed quite simply as the National Policy for Older Persons. National Policy for Older Persons 1999 – A national policy for older persons was first formulated in the year 1999. The term ‘Senior Citizens’ was not specifically mentioned for defining people over 60 years. Rather in the Section in the Policy on ‘Demographic Trends’ in para 4, it has been stated that the age group 60-69 years are “often referred to as ‘not so old’ or ‘young old’ and those in the age 80 years are in ‘very old’ or ‘older old’ category. It is said in the National Policy (1999)Statement that the “goal of the National Policy is the well-being of o