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What is Mindful Aging & Why it is Important

  What is Mindful Aging & Why is it Important for Seniors?                                     Picture Created by Aging is a natural part of life, and as we age, our minds and bodies go through various changes. For many of us, the thought of aging is scary and overwhelming. However,  the way we approach aging can greatly impact our overall well-being and quality of life.  Let's talk about me.  There are days when I am unable to fall asleep.  Thoughts well up... What if I end up being alone when I'm old? Will my savings be enough for me to live comfortably as I grow older? Will my son go on to have a good career and life? And God Forbid...What if I become so ill as to be unable to take care of myself? And if I am mentally, fully aware of my sorry state....the Worst Situation😨😱. Bleak, Bleaker, and Bleakest of scenarios keep unfolding to my consternation and worry.  Sleep continues to elude me. Let us take a view of my present life rationally, and logically.  I am