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The Senior Years – A Time to Not Overreach

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from :     standing-on-a-chair-7244712/                                                   Don’t overdo it! When we were children we were constantly told so by our parents and other well-meaning elders Don’t run too fast …you may fall Don’t take the steps two at a time …you could slip and fall Don’t eat so much can lead to an upset tummy Don’t eat sweets all the time…it will affect your teeth Don’t drink Coffee…drink Milk. It will make you fair..white as milk. Indeed I had been told this as a child.  I  would gulp the glass of milk down and check in the mirror to see if brown-me had turned fair. Pardon the digression. It was irresistible😅.  Now there's only a slight difference. Don’t drink coffee or caffeine in any form after 6 pm else you'll have trouble falling asleep! Insomnia troubles  Well, we have returned to that age again…when we should not overreach. Nobody is