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Every Senior Should Read This: To Dye or Not to Dye

    Light and weighty issues about seniors and hair coloring                               Photo by Menuyert Gonullu from Pexels I began to color my hair in my early forties My sister started coloring her hair when she was a mere 35 years old.   Premature greying runs in the family.   Solution? Dye or color it to its original beautiful color. In our case black.   When I started to grey I felt compelled to do it. Indian Brown-face combined with white hair didn’t do much for my self-confidence. Hence color it (back) black I did.   Now at 63 years, I don’t have such compelling reasons. But coloring my hair has become a habit.   I have a friend who was ambivalent about covering up her grey hair. She took the dyeing route, then stopped after a decade of doing so.  Her hair turned snowy white. Many people did not recognize her. After a couple of years, her snowy-white hair settled into a vague whitish-grey pallor.   I have observed the same phenomenon with my neighbor. Sta