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Older Adults and Eating Right

  Young & Free to Eat Anything at will – When I was young one I ate only for taste. Nothing else mattered. Restraints like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Obesity and worse were yet unknown. Chocolates, Indian Sweets, Cheese, and Deep fried Puris and Indian snacks like Samosas, Vada, Pakoda were relished and eaten with abandon. A cup of tea with 2 heaped teaspoons of sugar was the norm.   Butter was applied liberally on bread. Ghee the Indian staple was always at arm’s length on the dining table to be poured on hot rice, and applied on rotis, idlis , and dosas. My mother made us omelets with ghee so that we got the goodness of both eggs and ghee!!   Youth..Ahhh a time when Appearance was Top Priority- As I matured into teenage, my diet and eating habits were repurposed! I ate to try and look a little less oily-faced, a little less of a sack and with a little less of a protruding tummy.   I spoke to sisters, cousins, friends, and read up on how I can