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Osteoporosis in the Elderly - Causes, Symptoms and Prevention by Dr Sasikala Vemuri, Florida, USA

                          Canva Design modified by blog owner Santalakshmi Introduction - An oft-given cautionary note regarding the lifestyle of seniors is for us to avoid situations that can lead to a fall. Thus we are told not to stand on a stool, to wear our pants sitting down and not while standing, to hold the handrails of a staircase as we climb them, or to look down when walking in a new place.   One of the reasons is that seniors are in a more vulnerable stage of life when they are more prone to bone diseases like Osteoporosis.   Especially for this blog, Dr. Sashikala Vemuri from Florida, USA  has written the below article on Osteoporosis , detailing why the disease occurs, what are the Risk Factors for developing the disease, the symptoms, testing & treatment for osteoporosis, and preventive steps that can be taken to keep it at bay. What is Osteoporosis?                                              Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones where the bones are thinner

Tackling Constipation-the Bane of the Elderly

                                                          Photo by Sora Shimazaki  from pexels Constipation is the bane of the elderly. My grandfather, father, and mother struggled with constipation in their later years.  As a last resort, they had to take medications including laxatives. Early onset- I struggled with it since childhood. ' As a young woman attending college, it would spoil my day. Abdominal discomfort, bloating, and inability to eat food.              Negligence worsens things - Yet, I did not build a morning routine until my teenage years. Even then I wouldn't bother much if the daily dump did not take place thinking 'If not today, it will happen tomorrow.' This went on till my adult years. Once I started working I found stress was an extra ingredient in enhancing constipation. I had work to do, a home to be taken care of, aged parents, and a young son. Icing on the top was a demanding petty boss I did try to eat fruits usually a banana and bread or