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You Are Now Your Number One Priority

                                       Photo by Anna Tarazevich   As you approach your fifties you ought to make yourself your Number One Priority. You could stretch it to perhaps 60. But after 60 for sure you need to be your topmost priority .   You may well ask "Priority over what?"   Priority over everybody else … your spouse, your children, your family, extended family, relatives, and friend.   It’s time for your well-being, physical, mental, and financial to be of utmost importance to you.   Time to look out for yourself and after yourself! To become self-focused   Why it is paramount to prioritize yourself?   Primarily because if you are healthy, fit, and independent, you are less trouble to others.   And most importantly it is a positive healthy feeling for you to be independent.   What does prioritizing yourself entail?   Your Health should be your foremost concern– Annual Medical Check-ups, any other routine testing, and medications all need to be taken care of.   I

Easy Steps to Retirement Planning

As Senior Citizens we become increasingly aware of the need for financial security as we age.   For employed seniors, retirement is a watershed moment in its truest sense.   It is the moment from which you are Not going to be receiving a salary at the beginning of every month anymore!!   You are preoccupied with questions:   -         If you are one of the fortunate ones who is going to receive a pension then the query top most on your mind would be - “Will the amount of pension be sufficient for me to live a comfortable life?” -         If you have unmarried children – “Will I be able to perform the marriages on my children well?” -         If a child is keen on studying further – “Can I continue to finance his/her education even during retirement?” -        If you have not bought your own home Or are repaying a Home Loan then the query would be “How can I take care of my home loan and run my home with my pension or savings? Should I pay off the loan with the retirement benefits I w